Mini Hawkeye forum

Since there is no way of getting a "Hawkeyeground" Hawk fans can post our banter here. Although I feel that it is going to just be Hawkeyefan and myself with a smart ass quip by Warfrong on occasion, it still gives me something to talk about during the week. So welcome the unofficial HAWKEYEGROUND.

Disclaimer: Opposing viewpoints will not be taken in stride and other subjects are not welcome unless it has to deal with Gay Porn.

I feel that the Hawks have a big test tomorrow and I am nervous. The speed and talent of this ASU team could cause some problems along with MO and Bob being out. However, I have a hunch that the defense will be ready for the attack much like we were for Miami of Ohio and I am hoping that the system is what is working on offense and Hinkle or Razor Ramon can step in for Mo. As far as predictions, Defense and special teams will account for 2 touchdowns and Calvin Davis will have his coming out party in Iowa City.

Score: Iowa 27 ASU 21

I heard Calvin was banged up, too. I'm REAL glad this game is at home. Don't know much about ASU but I heard they have maybe the nation's best cover corner. IMO the o-line gels after another week together and Russell has a big game.

Iowa - 24
ASU - 20

By the way - great forum idea. Keep this at the top.

I also think that there is a chance that ASU is really overrated. It would be great for Iowa's defense to come in their and pound their ass all day long. If Utah State can drop 16 on them, I think that we can put some ponts on the board.

Good article on Pierre Pierce

Alright, we lost about half the posts in the great hacking of 2003 but that is OK. On to Saturday, Hawks need to have a big day on special teams and have 2 offensive scores with one being a touchdown. I really see more than that but that is what we need. I think our defense or special teams will score once as well. I think that Chmp Davis out of the backfield will be a big play for us as well as a few key big gains by Russell. Oh and did you hear the news? MOTHER FUCKING JERMELLE WILL PROBABLY PLAY! Hawks 20 Luckeyes 17

Nice - I think they'll win by more. 31-20.

i think it will be lopsided.

"On to Saturday, Hawks need to have a big day on special teams"

You stupid motherfuckers. My brother (a UofM grad) and myself (a MSU grad) were on the phone long distance as we were watching this game, cheering like crazy for you assholes, and you hike the motherfucking ball through the back of the cock sucking endzone. I thought that ball was going to go through the up rights and give OSU 3!

Great game though, I loved the goal line stand.

Alright, I have not been keeping up to date on this so sue me. First of all my thoughts vs OSU. OSU and Iowa are carbon copys of each other with OSU having the nod to better athletes and special teams were better that day by a touchdown. Offense was even and so was defense.

On to Penn State, boy are they bad. Defense played well, offense played better than last week which means we got off some snaps to the QB. I am happy.

Now to Illinois. This game will not be close as Illinois has lost too many impact players and they have already given up for the season and are looking forward to going to the basketball games. Iowa rolls easy then it is on to Purdue but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I also fel that a win this week should get us into the BCS top 10. Lets hope so.

Nebraska Sucks,

40 bowl games, 5 national championships. i dont think nebraska sucks. how many national championships do the squawks have? hhmmm?

Good win over one of the worst teams inthe nation on Saturday. Now comes the big games, If we beat Purdue, Minnesota and Wisconsin, we will be looked at as the best 10 and 2 team in the country, have a good BCS ranking, and will be playing on New Years Day unless something really freaky happens and we go to the national championsip game. I thought the defense look good and Drew Tate looked good as well. It sure makes a difference to have a full lineup of recievers again.

Once again Nebraska Sucks,

at least you capitolized em.

Out of the remaining schedule, this is the game I am worried about. I feel that this game is pivitol in the Big 10 and will make a huge impact on where the Hwaks will be for the bowls. A number of things concern me such as the Hawks have not won at West Lafayette for a long time. Second is that they have that little dump pass offese that if you do not get any pressure to the QB, the secondary will get killed. The positives are that Iowa is getting its players back and they are finding their groove. Along with this is that our defense is still fucking awesome.

Lets all hope for a big day tomorrw.

We so need a Hawkeyeground!

next up, minnesota? i hope the hawks win so halzy will come out and play.

i will say it before halz, the huskers suck. at least jamal lord does, christ!

After 2 great wins by the football team it looks like Iowa will once again be bowling in the New Year. Iowa's defense has pulled shit out of thier ass all year, but nothing like they did on Saturday. Congratulations Hawkeyes!