Miniatures! (link)


Please post your favorite miniature links.

Great site with tons of pics of old and new minis from all over!



Here's some nice armies from Warhammer GT's

My collection of miniatures met an untimely fate during a night of drinking setting off M-80's.

I think that once I return to Ohio, I'm going to start collecting and painting miniatures again.

where at in ohio are you moving to?

A farm in Harrison county near Scio OH (eastern ohio due west of Pittsburgh PA)

quiet country life...

I have a whole box full of minitures that I dust off and resume painting whenever I cannot train for an extended period due to injury. Granted the fingers aren't and vision isn't what it used to be but it is very soothing all the same.

Titans for Warhammer 40K, SuperHeavy Battle Tanks and the greatest Bloodthirster EVA!