Minimizing eye strain while on the computer

Eyes are getting strained from sitting on my ass and working on the computer 8-9 hours a day

What do you guys do to minimize the strain?


Or reading glasses Phone Post 3.0

Download eye relax for breaks.

I also use flux and high contrast (dark background with light text) when I can.

Don't forget to blink.

Use a hot moist towel over your eyes for 10 minutes a day.

Some people use lubricating eye drops, but I find that they sting my eyes more.

Also take lutein 10 mg/ xeaxanthin 2mg, and a omega 3 supplement per day.

I think computer eye strain is a fairly new phenomenon so there isn't a whole lot of information about it, and I don't think the professionals really have any good answers for it.

Just downloaded F.lux.

Isn't f.lux basically for working at night? Not so much during the day?

Does making the monitor screen less bright help?

I wonder if any of those gaming glasses would help for normal computer use?