Minimizing my signed by card poster collection

I have signed by card posters of WEC 41 "Brown vs Faber 2" and Strikeforce "Barnett vs Kharitonov." The 41 comes with the COA card from the WEC #'d out of 125 and the Strikeforce has a hologram sticker #'d out of 100. The WEC 41 poster features signatures of Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo, "Cowboy" Cerrone, Anthony Pettis, Jens Pulver, etc. The Strikeforce features signatures of Josh Barnett, Daniel Cormier, "Bigfoot" Silva, Luke Rockhold, "King Mo," etc.

I am looking to trade these away as a pair for just one poster. Unfortunately I'm running out of space. If I need to add a little money to the trade, I'd be more than happy to. Posters are in excellent shape and I package VERY securely. Let me know, please and thank you.


If you'd like pictures, please send me your e-mail, and I will get them to you immediately.

thnx for the pics...I have the semifinal strikeforce poster signed by the card already...anyone havea a poster from the finals cormier v barnet signed by the card available?

I have a extra Strikeforce final signed cant PM you.
hit me up on email if you want to work something out.

thnx for the sent

Does anyone have the Diaz vs Daley Strikeforce signed by poster?

Just recently traded for a UFC 144...I'd be willing to trade that with the WEC 41 AND Strikeforce poster. I am looking for a UFC 84, 112, 123, 129, 137, or 139. All three for just one of those.