Minister to Step in Cage for Church

Pastor Kelly Barcol is very committed to his church.  He plans to fight a mixed martial arts match to benefit the church building fund.  He will have his first amateur match on January 26, 2013, at the Winter Heat fight event in Valdosta, Georgia.

Barcol serves as the Lead Pastor at the House of Joy Church which serves a diverse membership.  The Winter Heat fight event is being held to support their building fund with the goal of a church and multi-purpose community center.  Until recently, the church met in the Ashley Theaters in Valdosta, but now meets at Valwood School.

Not one to mince words, when asked about his upcoming match, he replied exuberantly, “At House of Joy, we believe there are things worth fighting for.  We teach couples to fight for their marriage, parents to fight for their kids, singles to fight for their purity, and now we are fighting to build a community center .... Read article



well i posted on the local gyms website and they wont display my post so im coming on here...before i get creamed with noob comments ive been on th ug since 2006 just never posted or made an account....

So this event will feature a 44 year old pastor which is awesome btw! but will feature a convicted rapist and a guy that destroyed a couple families by cheating with someone else's spouse and giving them an STD, not to mention his skills are very limited at best and is even a liability to the cage being he has been knocked out countless times (over 10) and only has wins over guys who are unskilled with no experience or are not competently trained. This is not good, I know for fact the guy with over 80 fights is 0-4 pro kickboxing, 8-24 pro MMA and was even suspended by the state at one point for lack of skills and was only allowed to fight a guy he already beat twice.

The sex offender is not as bad but on his way with a 2-4 pro fighter record but has enjoyed success as a sex offender!

Can’t believe this church is behind this event with the these kind of people! SMH
win over Scotty Johnson who is 7-18 and currently on indefinite suspension
win over an 0-2 guy who use to do tattoos around my hometown and personally told me he never trained MMA.
Win over 2-12 guy Hollywood Hancock (twice) who has fought local several times and been killed every time except the time he Knocked Gay out!
Win over a 0-7 guy
Win over a 0-0 who was 1-1 5 years ago and hasn’t fought since
Loss to a 1-1 amateur Ramon that I trained with) that had his pro debut against Gay
also thought earlier this year a rule was put into play in Georgia that guys who don’t train at real gyms will not be allowed to fight??? Was told the old Valdosta MMA school got closed down so where do these guys train? Are they allowed to fight in Georgia without proper gym or teaching??? If so I have buddies that will fight lol! I Have a buddy that just wanted to fight at the last event in march but doesn’t train and we was told no because he didn’t have proper coaching.

Needless to say i don’t know anyone else that will be on this show but me, my family, and MY church will NOT support this event and can’t believe they will use a church to promote this and REALLY can’t believe Christian people would support this event with these sad individuals.

well which things?? lol
been around the ga and north florida scene since 06 plus my friend which i cant name cause he will kill me use to train with those guys in valdosta and Gay fucked his girl giving her something to remember him by like forever and upon more reasearch found out there were 2 others that got the samething and even destroyed those families...very sad trashy person... I train in tallahassee and found out about those rules early this year cause u had some friends that bs around in tha backyard that just wanted to fight but the guy putting the fights together said they dont allow guys to fight in GA that arent with legit trainers, even tho i told him ive trained for seversl years and mess around with them i was told trainers have to be registered and what not.