Minnesota Is The Worst Sports City

I can’t blame Anderson…that was all Denny. If he wouldn’t have taken the knee, they could have easily got him in range and he would have nailed it.

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I watched the 2nd twins and astros game today. Can confirm they really suck. Surprised the wild are getting smoked like this in a closeout game.

Stop speaking accurately about my home state you bastard!!!

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They’re leading the division…this is our year


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I don’t watch, well, really any pro sports anymore. However, I caught a few minutes in the second period of the Wild game tonight. We were on the power play, got outshot during the power play 4-0 and had virtually no ice time in their end with a man advantage. This is the worst special teams I’ve ever seen in hockey, although I don’t watch a lot, so maybe that is common?

This is how most normals see Minnesota the City



What the piss?

He was always billed from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

That’s what lost me, …straight up embarrassing. They are in the offensive zone on a fucking power play the other way. People should lose jobs for that

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You talkin wrasslin? lol

He was born and raised in Webster, SD.

How about the Legion Of Doom? They were billed from Chicago but were good 'ol Minnesota boys

Lots of pro wrasslers came from MN…the list is long.

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My god these last 2 minutes…

Blues deserve every bit of that win

The Wild are a better team than the Blues?

points at scoreboard