Minnesota Vikings 2020-21 Championship Thread

Searched for a new thread and didn't see it, so here goes everyone. Let's go!

Let’s do this


Skol Viikings lets win this game

Skol Vikings, honor your name

Go get that first down

Then get a touchdown

Rock em, sock em, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Skol Vikings, run out the score

You'll hear us yell for more

V - I - K - I - N - G - S - !


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Without Frank to mess with and with all the woke bullshit, I have less than zero interest in watching.

![Cant Touch This Dalvin Cook GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY](upload://4qKYkAQgcNR6wKKcUivESMlQKn1.gif)

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fuck them if they go woke.

unstoppable frate train

taba - fuck them if they go woke.

Fuck them regardless, fuck that city and state.

Sogflop -
taba - fuck them if they go woke.

Fuck them regardless, fuck that city and state.

Please dont lump me in with the twin cities.   

Also fuck the nfl and that means unfortunately fuck the vikings.  

Thread is off to a riviting start

Fuck the politics.  I do love football though.

Old news at this point, but it wouldn't be the Vikings without an injury to a major player to start the year.  Was bummed to hear Danielle Hunter was placed on the new 3 week IR.  I hope that is all it is.  Was looking forward to this defense, and he's a big piece of the puzzle

I miss the traditional build up to the season. Doesn't seem real. First year in many years I'm not even playing fantasy this year but I'll still watch the Vikings play..


IndieSmoke -


I’m ok with most of that. I would prefer political stuff stay completely out of sports, but with so much happening in Minneapolis recently, I think it would be wierd to completely ignore it. 


at least they arnt having the name of a politically backed hate group on the field like the NBA does. 

IndieSmoke -


Fuck them.  Why are we continuing to prop up at fentanyl floyd.    Maybe comment on real misjustice not the death of a career criminal so fucked up on fentanyl he was instantly combative and non compliant with officers trying to detain him.  

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In sticking with football, Dalvin signed to 5 years $63 million......awesome!


Happy to see they extended Dalvin. Probably means we’ll eventually lose Mattison though. I love knowing they are both there now. 

Offense line already looks improved