Minnesota Vikings 2020-21 Championship Thread

Morgz -

Offense line already looks improved 

I take it back. Not on that drive. 

33 fucking plays for Green Bay and 11 for Minnesota. Holy shit, this possession game is ridiculous!

Go vikes.  In for disappointment.

COming into this drive for the Vikes, it was 42 plays to 11 for Green Bay. 

.....aaaaaand an interception after 2 plays. 

I don’t agree with that TD call. 

kirk is not having a great game so far. Hopefully second half will be better 


Ugh. Dantzler got burned

taba - fuck them if they go woke.

Uh. You do realize they have a “George Floyd Legacy Scholorship” they now give out? Not sure what his “legacy” is, but whatever.  

Dalvin! Dalvin! Dalvin!!! Let's turn this shit around in the 2nd half. I've got a feeling....

Man. We looked very good on the first drive of the game. Then we keep shooting ourself in the foot

Jesus Christ. Wonder if they still think it was a good idea to get ride of their best receiver, all cornerbacks, and do nothing about the offensive line.

Cousins is terrified to throw to anyone except Thielen

Defense can’t get any pressure on Rodgers. Cousins under pressure constantly.

They’re lucky this game isn’t 40-10

Turrible! Shit game through and through.

Ya, no secondary. Our best plays in the secondary have been Valdez-Scantling (or whatever the fuck his name is) dropped passes.

Could be the worst defense in the league

There's no way they are winning a championship with this horrible defense.

I hate to give GB any props but they also look pretty darn good. Especially Rogers and D Adams. 


Morgz - 

I hate to give GB any props but they also look pretty darn good. Especially Rogers and D Adams. 


They do but like the announcer said, Rodgers has been rushed 1 time all game. 1 fuckin time. Meaning every other play he’s been able to sit back there and look around with zero pressure. That’s insane. And our corners are absolutely awful.

And no matter how good they luck, a mediocre defense shouldn’t be giving up 45-50 points

Yeah I’m just trying to come up with some positives. 


Danielle Hunter is 1 guy, but that will help pressure up front tremendously when he comes back. 


im not near as down on the OLine as I am on our defensive backfield. Too much youth. Dantzler and Hill got beat all day.  At least the OLine is still run blocking well. We need to improve pass protection a bunch though. I really wish Cousins was more of a quick release guy. Our plays take too long to unfold when you can’t protect the QB. 

Maybe if they worried about how to play football half as much as they worried about how to celebrate criminals then they wouldn't have sucked so fucking bad. Lolol.