mino fights better competition

better competition than fedor anyway, since he beat up nog the first time he's fought has fought 7 times, but against nobody's, he fought goodridge who was a has been, coleman and randleman who were also washed up at the time, he had a good win over fujita

mino on the other hand, has had 5 fights, against some very capable guys who were in top form, and ricco

tapping out crocop who was on a nice roll, taking out the very game yokoi, choking out heath herring, and beating kharitonov who was also on a hot streak

i think mino was just getting better and that's why i think he'll win the next fight


fedor wrecked herring and would do it again. randleman beat crocop so i'd say they cancel eachother out. and kharitonov is about on par with coleman. nog and fedor are even in terms of competition.

rod snow is correct old chap.

The Baron.

Ricco agruabley should have gotten the decision over Nog.

Herring was a nice win, but Herring has fallen off in recent times, and was always slightly over rated.

Yokoi is a decent fighter, but a young one, and is fighting at least one weight class over his prime weight. Despite this, he took Nog into a second round, and won the first.

Kharitonov is a tough up and comer, but still very young and inexperianced compared to Nog. He gave Nog a tough fight.

Cro Cop was a great win, no doubts there. I'd say its pretty close overall, with no big edge to either Fedor or NOg in compeition faced.


um, does it really make much sense to even care much about relative quality of their opponents? I mean, c'mon, Fedor put a beating on Nog in their first fight and seems to want the chance to do it again.

yeah fedor was great when he beat nog, but mino's record since then will give him the edge when they fight again

Not really. If anything, it shows that a good wrestler with knowledge of subs can still keep Mino on his back and neutralize him, like Ricco and Yokoi did.