Mino Vs Barnett Discussion

it was close. i think the last  kneebar won it for him

it was pretty cool seeing someone attempt subs on nog. he appeared to be close too- at least closer than nogs armbar



regardless we must see cro vs nog again soon

The fight was a draw, so no matter who got the split decision some folks would be unhappy. I'd like to see a rematch, I think it'd be just as close.

Yes, i think Nog needs to fight both guys again.

I think Barnett at least proved himself in giving Nog the tough fight objective fans knew he was capable of giving him, bs decision or not.

But i called this before that the CC today would probably beat Nog. Every thing that Nog exploited last time, td defense and lack of subgrappling knowledge, CC is better ten fold.

I dont think Nog's tds have improved enough to get CC down. Even the better striker and td fighter in Fedor had to work to get his.

Now, wtf has the YT link?

That last leg lock seems to have hurt Mino quite seriously.

Although I agree with the decision, I didn't like the way Barnett fought. He gassed early and was taken down at will by a guy that - wrestling wise - isn't exactly Mark Coleman.

lol @ Nog being "given" a decision over Kharitonov. Striking was even. All takedowns to Nog. All sub attempts to Nog. All position improvement (side mount, mount) to Nog. All GnP to Nog.

Barnett definitely showed he is on Nog's level, but most of us already knew that. I can't really say he's "above" Nog because in no sense (to me) did that fight show that he's a better fighter, and he has been owned by Crocop three times in a row now while Nog submitted Mirko.

I would like to see the kneebar again from a different angle. Nog didn't appear to be in any pain or struggling desperately from the angle we were shown, so I'm not sure how close it was.

As for Nog vs Crocop II, while I agree that Mirko has come a long way, I've also been very impressed with how Nog's wrestling and sweeps have progressed. I never would have expected him to dominate the wrestling against a guy like Barnett, and in this fight and the Werdum fight he has almost instantly escaped bottom position and taken top.

I thought Nog won in a close, back and forth fight. I never cry "Robbery" when a close fight goes to split dec and the guy I like doesnt get the win.

Agree Orcus (unlike your call on Fedor/CC I ;p) and Nog does have to get props for tding down Barnett, the bigger man and supposed better wrestler but perhaps Barnett, though to nobody's else's fault, is not perfected good sprawl and brawl strategy in his standup like CC or how to mix up striking and tds like Fedor.

This is probably due to both Nog's improved wrestling and his good mix of boxing and tds himself? Or did he get on top of Barnett thru sweeps mostly?

Hey let's not argue and just agree it was a great, close fight!!!!


I thought it was brilliant watching such a competitive fight on the FLOOR and on the FEET!

Josh has upped his stock in my view.


I want to see him get beaten by-I mean fight Fedor next.

Both. He got every takedown he went for, IIRC, and when Barnett managed to escape and get top position, Nog would also get the sweeps.


Yeah disappointing. It was close, and back and forth, but I thought the winner was obvious.

I also thought the winner was obvious. Barnett didn?t do any dam when on the ground and the kneebar was a matter of round ending. Nog just let the time run out.

Mino won. I cannot see how Barnett won that fight. If one knockdown is enough to win a fight well....

In the replay Mino is grimacing like crazy when Josh is doing the kneebar. I can't tell if he's in agony because his knee is being destroyed, or if he's grimacing with the effort of trying to push Josh away. Half a second later, as the bell rings, he looks totally composed and unworried, so I think it might be the latter.

CC is #2 HW now.

30 more seconds and nog's career would've pretty much ended by that kneebar. he was grimacing pretty bad right b4 the bell. josh = gento koken imo.

"The decision NOg got given over Kharitonov was worse."


"Barnett won the fucking fight, I knew the BJJ nuthuggers would be out in full force defending their last MMA Hero."

LOL @ You.