Mino wants either Yoshi or Barnett

Both matchups would be awesome.

Interview below:

Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira was recently interviewed by Brazilian magazine 'Tatame'. Here's what Minotauro had to say (interview by Andre Araujo):

Tatame: Was an early takedown in the gameplan or were you originally planning to strike more with Zuluzinho?

Minotauro: He surprised me coming out so strong, not giving me much choice. I thought he'd come out differently, but he had a good sprawl and it left me without much alternatives. I got a good hold of his leg when he tried to knee me and we both fell to the ground. The only bad part was having to fight against someone who is the same nationality as yourself, but there's nothing that can be done about it. When you're a professional, such things have to be put to the side.

Tatame: What about the right he threw at you? Did it land solidly on your chin?

Minotauro: The truth is that he's very strong and his straight right landed on my arm. In fact, my arm was swollen for a few days because of that. As for his right landing on my chin, I work very hard to be able to defend myself and not get hurt! (laughs)

Tatame: There was a rumor on the internet saying that you turned down a fight against Coleman, preferring Zuluzinho instead. Is this true?

Minotauro: It's a lie. I knew I was going to fight, but my opponent was going to be either a wrestler (Rulon Gardner), Fabricio Werdum, or Mark Coleman. Zuluzinho was scheduled at the last minute. I did not pick my opponent, which is why this rumor is false.

Tatame: Who impressed you the most in the first round of the PRIDE Open Weight GP?

Minotauro: In my opinion, Werdum fought very well and progressed to the second round in impressive fashion. Josh Barnett was another one, withstanding a lot of punishment from Fedor's brother and then coming back to win. Mark Hunt's striking impressed me. He has also improved a lot in his takedowns, and his game is very dangerous.

Tatame: Who would you like to fight against in the second round of the GP?

Minotauro: I don't know. Whoever they match me up against will be a good fight, but I have to say that I would like to face (Hidehiko) Yoshida or (Josh) Barnett. They are both excellent fighters who have good technique on the ground.

Tatame: Who do you think should face Fedor Emelianenko in the second round of the GP?

Minotauro: I think they will match (Kazuyuki) Fujita against him, because he's a Japanese fighter and it'll be a good fight.

Tatame: You said on the microphone that you will take the GP title back home. How is your confidence?

Minotauro: My idea is to bring that title back to Brazil. I'm training hard so that I can win that belt.

Tatame: Will you return to Brazil right away?

Minotauro: I will go to Paris to do seminars on May 13-14. I will then return to Brazil, take two weeks off, and then begin to prepare myself well for the second round of the GP.

You think Mino could submit Yoshida?

Rulon was almost in PRIDE again. What has he been doing?

^^ You have more posts, and been here a shorter time. And I agree with you.

"I also think he could KO him standing."

Now, you see, it's noobs like this posting retarded stuff that is bringing down the IQ of this forum. Yoshida has been up against Silva and Hunt, and neither could KO him. Now all of a sudden Mino will?

"Yoshida has been up against Silva and Hunt, and neither could KO him."

Just cause neither one of them KO'd him doesn't mean that they couldn't have. Tamura put him on his ass with a short shot right on the chin. Nog's a good boxer and Yoshida isn't unknockoutable.

Navin you're soooo dumb, it's impressive. 17000 posts and still you don't
know absolutely nothing of this sport.... are you that bad on everything
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Out of those 17000 posts, 16900 were stupid trolling posts. This is definitely one of top 10 trolls on the UG. Mino would have a virtual bye into the semi finals if they put him against Yoshida.

KASCA, Navin is a troll, and he's all about the Japanese fighters.

Well technically Yoshida could KO Fedor, doesn't mean it's going to happen. Nog has only one KO in his whole career against a smaller guy.

"Just cause neither one of them KO'd him doesn't mean that they couldn't have. Tamura put him on his ass with a short shot right on the chin. Nog's a good boxer and Yoshida isn't unknockoutable."

What Gorilla said.

Lets just say its really doubtful Nog will be KO'ing any fellow HWs on a regular basis anytime soon. People always talk about bjj technque but (gasp) boxing requires technique too, ya?

Nog's boxing tech is pretty crisp but like Coleman said while he seems to throw "short, strait, accurate punches" imho perhaps "short" is the key term, he doesnt seem to put enough body or wind up into them for them to really count. What do you guys think about that?

But Im sure Nog would more likely than anything tap Yoshida. Styles make fights. Yoshida doesnt really have anything on Nog.

Yoshida would probably give Barnett a better fight and Barnett would give Nog a real good battle. With CC much improved and Barnett seemingly back in form, Fedor may not be the only HW in the world anymore that can beat Nog.

But they still would be really hard fights to call and i would just really more than anything like for them to happen so we can see it.

Pride will probably set-up Wandy v Yoshida III.

Yoshida won't get KOed.. but he would get controlled on the ground if he decides to wear the Gi.

IF they are both gi-less than it would be an awesome matchup.

"...break out Tec-9s and get it over with..."


"...break out Tec-9s and get it over with..."


I hope Yoshida doesn't wear the gi against Nog.

Navin spends all his time on the Gamer ground racking up posts on World of Warcraft.

I'd take Mino over Yoshida and Josh over Mino....

Some of you guys are waaaaaay underestimating Yoshida.

He took Silva to a decision two times and armbarred Hunt.

He is no chump. I think that the fight would be awesome and would go to a decision.

Minotauro is amazing, but some of you guys are acting like Yoshi is chopped liver...NOT the case!

Yoshida is chopped liver