Minotauro/Coleman fight link.

Classic fight.


Coleman got so tooled in this fight. It was Nogueira's 2nd fight in Pride and the beginning of an amazing career in the organization.

dont think he got tooled though
but good fight

"dont think he got tooled though but good fight"

That wasnt a tooling?!?! damn, what the hell is then??

I called it a tooling and stand by my original analysis. That was a tooling. And the only time that I have ever seen Minotauro throw a high kick like that. Ha ha. Look what happened!

Yeah, former UFC HW and Pride GP champs are so generally shit in their own weightclass. Coleman did get schooled in that one though.

That was def the real beginning to Nog's dominance on the scene though (until....).

It was impressive that Coleman got out of the triangle though. Too bad he forget about his arm. It was very eerie how Minotauro made him look-he was just on fire when he first came to Pride and nobody was ready. Plus you actually got a gist of how BIG that guy is, he made coleman look like a LHW. Pretty scary to think he's even better now but the level is so much higher all around you'd think he'd have declined or something.

Mino's sweep from side mount on GG was so beautiful...damn. Gotta get those out later. And somebody has to teach me that move.

ttt for when PRIDE was competitive

I think he tapped from an armbar after escaping the triangle, if I recall.

I remember being surprised that Noguiera was bullying Mark around the ring so easily. Not only did he dominate the clinch, but he seemed stronger and pushed Mark around and in the corner(s)too. Maybe Mark was off that night, not the same guy that was throwing Fedor around, but Noguiera did seem bigger and stronger.

I loved this fight because it's when mino stopped the reign of the milkman ;)