MINOTAURO Seminar in Rosarito!!!

Aloisio Ferreire (Brazilian Top Team) CONFIRMED arrangements with the promoter of RETO MAXIMO & CROWN FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (Sept. 4th, 2004 in Rosarito Beach, Mexico... 20 minutes from the San Diego border) to bring non other than World Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and have him attend the fights as a very special guest. Both Ferreire and Nogueira have expressed to Perez a special interest in supporting this sport in Mexico. Tony Perez is planning a novelty in his MMA productions by scheduling Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira to offer a Vale Tudo seminar on the following day, Sunday September 5th, at the same venue Hotel Corona Plaza in Rosarito.

The Seminar will be limited to the first 50 people that secure registration. This will be a master class of 2 hours scheduled from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Registration fee: $70.00 dlls. Seminar only / $85.00 Fight Event + Seminar.

Fight Event & Seminar Info and Tickets at:

Fighter booking for future events contact:
Marco Perez (Tony): kronos1@telnor.net
Phn. (619) 341-4643 USA





I think the 4th or the 5th of September (can't remember) Minotauro is in Swiss to make a seminar: Mexico or Swiss?

Hi Dino & MMA.tv community.
I checked sherdog and there is a post there that Mino and Liborio will hold a seminar in Swiss on Sept. 5th.
I have to tell you that I spoke with Minotauro this morning and he promised to be here for the seminar in Rosarito Beach this weekend. Our press conference for both the Crown Fighting Championship and his Seminar is this Wednesday in Tijuana at 1:00 PM and he told me he will be here. He also promised to attend the fights on Saturday Sept. 4th, spend the night at Corona Plaza Hotel and be ready for his Seminar the following day from 3:00 - 5:00 PM.

What can I say. First off I hope no wrong is generated to the Swiss promotion. I established Mino's contact through Aloisio Ferreire, we made acquaintance on my last Reto Maximo event this past June. I called Ferreire last Thursday to invite him to my event. He let me know that Mino was staying at his place and had left that morning to Oscar de la Hoya´s for a weekend training and that as soon as he was back he would put us in touch. I told him right there and then that I would love to have Mino as my special guest in the fights and asked if that could be arranged. Called him back moments later with the Seminar proposal.

Once again, I talked to Minotauro this morning and he is all for the arrangements I´ve described. No contract. Just his word which to me is more than enough and often times is more valuable than a signed paper.

Since I don´t want this to pass as a cheap promotional gimmick or fraud, cause that is not in my book, I´ll keep everyone updated on developments and will let you know Wednesday night about the press conference hopefully with pics of his attendance.

Take care everyone.
Tony Perez



NICK BECHTEL, 170 lbs. 0 – 0 Freestyle MMA, Phoenix, AZ - USA

STEVE NOLA, 170 lbs. 0 – 1
Texas Fight Team, Dallas, TX - USA
(This matchup is to be confirmed)

HOREB CAPUCHINO, 150 lbs. 2 – 2

Power Gym, Ensenada, B. C. - MEX

JOEY ALVARADO, 150 lbs. 2 – 0
Raza MMA / Machado BJJ, Los Angeles, CA - USA

JOSH SMITH, 150 lbs. 2 – 1

Chris Brennan Next Generation, Irvine, CA - USA

MUSA TOLIVAR, 150 lbs. 0 – 0
McKee´s Body Shop, Bellflower, CA - USA

EDDY “THE ANIMAL” LAZARO, 195 lbs. 0 – 0

D-Man’s Ultimate Fighting Center, Tijuana, B. C. - MEX

MANUEL MORALES, 198 lbs. 0 – 0
Power Gym, Ensenada, B. C. – MEX

LUIS EDUARDO MUNGUIA, 170 lbs. 2 – 1

Guardado´s Gym, Ensenada, B. C. - MEX

RUDY MARTINEZ, 170 lbs. 0 – 1
Rick Lucero / FightworX, Glendora, CA - USA

OMAR JIMENEZ, 180 lbs. 2 – 0

Lozano Vale Todo, Tijuana, B. C. - MEX

RASHAD RANDALL, 185 lbs. 0 – 0
Rick Lucero / FightworX, Glendora, CA – USA


Michio’s Team Magnitude, San Marcos, CA - USA

JULIAN RUSH, 240 lbs. 1 – 0
Ian Harris Fight Science, Culver City, CA - USA

MAC DANZIG, 165 lbs. 5 - 2 - 1

Millennia Jiu-Jitsu, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - USA

TONY GARCIA, 165 lbs. 1 – 2
Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu, Beverly Hills, CA - USA

MIKE SEAL, 195 lbs. 5 – 4

Lozano / Reyes Vale Tudo, Tijuana, B. C. - MEX

ARMANDO AGUIRRE, 195 lbs. 0 – 0
Santi´s Wing Chun Academy, Tijuana, B. C. - MEX


AKBARH ARREOLA, 170 lbs. 5 – 2

Lozano’s Vale Todo, Tijuana, B. C. - MEX

ANTONIO McKEE, 170 lbs. 14 - 3 - 1
McKee’s Body Shop, Bellflower, CA - USA



Also working on my mid October card for Reto Maximo VI in Tijuana, MEX. Anyone interested in being booked for Oct. or future cards please contact me with full name, age, height, weight, MMA record, general MA experience, team represented location, contact numbers, and any other info allowing me to match up as fairly as possible.

Generally look to book new comers to intermediately experienced fighters from the South Pacific of the States and Northern Mexico region, but not limited to these conditions.

Tony Perez
Email: kronos1@telnor.net
Phn. (619) 341-4643


If you've not been to one of these go!!! I went to one in England (southampton) it was very good.