minotauro's choke

can somebody explain the choke that noguiera did?


old freestyle wrestling hold, reverse head/arm triangle, catch wrestling choke hold


That was the most difficult choke ive seen in mma. and ive been watching this stuff since ufc 2

It's actually avariation of an old gi choke, modified for no-gi.
Simply amazing.

I've seen it used as a gi choke. Sandro Batata taught it at a seminar. Never thought it would work no gi.

david terrell attempted a variation of it vs david avellan last year.

I missed the event, but how long did Nog hold the choke until Yokai actually tapped? I've seen it work before in training, but its not that common. The gi varaition is used a ton though.

I've tried that but my arms are too short, and I suck.

It looked complex at first, but once it was broken down for me I saw that it wasn't as crazy a hold. Wouldn't say it's the most difficult choke in MMA.

It was something I have never seen done before. I was watching the pride with a bjj black belt and he said hes seen it before but you have to have long arms.... ill try it tomorrow in training.

It was a triple sow cow hold. Very complex.

My instructor got right up and showed us how to do it on my livingroom floor. It was really cool, but easier than I expected.

that move is on subfighter.com
I have pulled it off once and my instructor pulls it off all the time.
Great move

does anybody have a pic of an example? I missed the event and have to wait for the replay this week...

I thought he was doing a gator roll to put yokoi on his back. didnt expect him to try to finish the choke.

Thanks Walt!

I've been submitted by that move by Montanha, it's tricky because if your getting armbarred you know your getting armbarred and those are 100 times easier to see coming, if you get caught in this move you don't really know whats going on until it's too late, I just thought I was trapped in a tight side control. I only felt it as a choke but I'm sure if you angle it to different directions it'd be a neck crank too. Even if you don't have to tap it's a such a damn good hold down that it's about impossible to get out of unless you've got insane strength.


Could you post this pic also? http://www.boutreview.com/data/img/1082920559.jpg

BTW, Almeida's choke was a little different. He actually had back mount with hooks, but finished the rear naked with Shibuya's arm inside the choke. Like an arm triangle from back mount.