Minowa Did NOT Use the Ropes

There's a critical distinction here. Minowa used the vertical pad in the corner to lodge Ryan's head and thus since the head was braced, add power to his punches. He compressed Ryan, ala Tito Ortiz using the fence, and thereby negated some of Ryan's positioning possibilities.

Using the ROPES is different. When Ryan got caught in the ropes there was a restart. So the pad in the corner is legal and thus Minowa was allowed to take Ryan there, but once they slipped off the pad into the ropes, it was restarted. The fight should have gone one more 5 minute round. With the red card and weight differential it was too close to call IMO.

I really wanted to see Ryan take a beatdown in the overtime had they ruled it a draw. Like in the Sak fight, his pathetic cardio was saved by the clock.

That overblown celebration and speech at the end was ludicrous. He'd just won a controverial decision over a smaller guy who beat him up for the last 5 minutes of the fight and would have mauled him in overtime, then he's acting like he'd just destroyed Fedor or something. NO class. Still, I enjoy his fights. Feed him to Ninja. He couldn't spend the last five minutes of THAT fight in the woomb.

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Thanks for the distinction.

When i read that Minowa was "using the ropes" i thought it meant that he was holding the ropes or whatever and how "he was the only one allowed to do it," it made me wonder what exactly the deal was.

If Minowa was just using the corner to compress or pin Ryan, what is the issue?

I guess the ultra-nationlist Japs are at there old ways again?

It was not the ropes, I completely agree. That was a legit strategy.

I still can't believe the judges gave it to Ryan.


Minowa deserved that decision.

Vitor is such a lucky bastid.

Another good example of why the ring sucks for MMA.

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