minowa question?

is he still on the brazilian top team. i must've been in a cave. and does btt have a gym in japan? and he needs to be matched with guys his size or he's gonna suffer some brain damage.

Last I heard, he was still with BTT. I don't believe they have a gym in Japan, Minowa just trains down in Brazil. He's motivated to become a better fighter (which wouldn't have happened in the Pancrase Yokohama gym), but he's also killing his own career by requesting to fight guys like Rampage and Vanderlei.

thanks guys. i wonder if his training with btt will change his style. he did have the pro wrestling/sakuraba style of submissions. they said somewhere he was training gi and no gi

I want to know who does his HAIR?!

is it just me or is the mullet the new cool thing for japanese people? i know minowa has one, the nakamura guy, and kazuo matsui the mets player has one.

I just hope when he fights guys like Rampage and Silva he gets paid better than against the lower level guys.

Maybe that is why he asks for those fights.