Mir blatantly accusing Brock of steroid use.

Kinda fucked up, considering he was on TRT ("legally" I guess) and he's currently suspended for having tested positive for a banned substance. Phone Post 3.0

When did frank do dis Phone Post 3.0

Sonnen y Diaz Bros - When did frank do dis Phone Post 3.0
Adam Hunter's postcast, let me find the link Phone Post 3.0

Frank why you do this

No Phone Post 3.0

Brock was being interviewed years ago by someone or other and they kept asking if he ever used steroids and he just kept repeating "I've never tested positive for steroids". Kind of telling IMO.

not saying he's guilty. but that's some amazing ironing... Phone Post 3.0


If a blue could embed. I'll find the exact point when he says it Phone Post 3.0

Mir dun gotten into the tainted kangaroo meat again

At the 57:00 min mark, the convo is about roids and 30 seconds later, that's when he accuses Brock of being a roid user Phone Post 3.0

I think you'd have to be really naive to think that Brock wasn't on them during his wrestlign career at a minimum.

rides -

they've both used plenty of steroids. who cares.

Fucked up to call out someone about something you do, don't you think? Phone Post 3.0

It's the child mentality...you got caught so you try and rat out your buddies too...




Brock, like Ubereem is a no-brainer. Juiced...to...the...gills. Phone Post 3.0

He was just pointing what he thought to be fact. It wasnt like he demonised lesner for it Phone Post 3.0

I dunno if Brock used them during his MMA career. But there is no doubt he used them during his WWE run.


On the other hand, Brock isn't the one that is serving a suspension over testing positive for PED's. Mir just can't let it go.