Mir Not Fighting Sylvia Because...

It is true that Mir has no chance against Sylvia at this time. Easy win for the Maine-iac.


crap decisions:

mir can't fight
diaz was high
and yeah he is a dipshit, but Gabe can't fight because of how he acted on the show??

WTF?? for realz

We need governing bodies (im told) but we don't need extreme pussification of mma.

74 MAIN EVENT ??? WTF if its true

HUGE Thank you NSAC.... there is no need for this fight to even get a $5 PPV price.

NO F_cking WAY


Pretty freakin amazing considering he broke Tim's arm in 35 seconds last time.


This is the same commission that didn't want to allow the Houston Alexander vs. Keith Jardine fight because Alexander wasn't good enough.

oh, so Tim is "in shape"?

Mir hasn't looked great lately, but in his fight with Vera he didn't look TERRIBLE. It's like not letting Liddell fight his next fight because of how fast he lost to Rampage.

Mir was moving well on the feet and got tagged. After he got tagged it was all downhill.

In that fight he came in looking better physically than he had in a while, and he also looked okay until getting blasted. I realize it was a fast fight, but either way, the guy is still capable of standing in the ring with a guy like Sylvia, win or lose.

why are you people still bringing up stuff like liddell getting ko'd when it was explained on the first page how it has nothing to do with anything? its not at all like not letting liddell fight his next fight because he got ko'd.

if liddells last competitive showing was three years and one serious motorcycle accident ago and he had been crushed in all of his comeback fights since the accident besides one decision over a tomato can where he still took a serious beating, THEN it would be like not letting liddell fight his next fight.

"crushed in all of his comeback fights since the accident besides one decision over a tomato can where he still took a serious beating"

Christison did not give him a serious beating.

HIs first fight back from the accident, chalk up to the accident. His fight against Christison he was obviously out of shape, and won. Against Vera he got tagged early and then finished off, but he looked fine until that point.

He was in shape, he moved well, it's not as if he looked like a guy who doesn't know how to fight anymore. He got blasted with a good shot from Vera that put him down, but his movement on the feet looked better than a lot of guys in the UFC tend to look.

go watch the fight again. mir took tons of shots to the head in the christison fight and only won the decision because his d-level opponent was even more out of shape than mir was. it could easily be argued that he lost that fight too. besides that he took an ass beating from pe de pano and got brutally ko'd against vera.

you are living in 2004 or the biggest mir fan ever if you think mir is still in anyway competitive against top flight opponents. anyone above brad imes skill level and he gets crushed.

the only reason why anyone would put him against tim sylvia at this point is to get a highlight reel ko out of him. even the current timid tim would lay him out inside of two rounds. i wont judge you if thats the kind of fights you want to see, but dont pretend it would be in anyway competitive.