Mir or Orlovsky?

Who do you think deserves the next shot at the HW title? I'd pick Orlovsky because he's beaten more of the top guys. Out of Mir's 5 UFC wins, 2 were over Sims, and 1 was Tank. Orlovsky/Sylvia should be the next HW title match.

anybody see chuck v tito?? where the ufc poster boy who has had questionable opponents gets destroyed by the "not as marketable" guy that trains hard and fights everybody?? same thing

LOL MG1 brings the correct down hard

it's Andrei Arlovski..not Orlovsky

The plan right now as far as I've heard is for the
winner of Sylvia vs. Mir to fight Arlovski for the

Put Cabbage against Mir and let him knock Mir out, and Arlovski against Sylvia.
Could be a descent card.

I think Arlovski would murder Mir.

Arlovski's a tough guy to take down and has wicked stand up skills.

If Mir cant get the sub in round one he'll gas and get KO'd.

My moneys on the Pitbull

arlovski should be next, he will beat mir and vladdy. He is the best hw in the ufc right now.

Mir deserves it. Arlovski does too but i want Mir to have first dibs.