Mir says bout with Cormier will be in Oklahoma

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Though it hasn't yet been officially announced by Strikeforce, the bout between Daniel Cormier and Frank Mir looks to have a date and a location, at least that's according to one of the competitors.

In an interview with MMAFightCorner.com, Mir revealed that the fight will be coming to the state of Oklahoma this November.

"It will be November 4," Mir said. "It will be that Sunday in Oklahoma. I guess we will be going to his, I guess it is a great wrestling college."

Cormier was a standout wrestler at Oklahoma State University, falling just short of a National Championship when he lost to Cael Sanderson in the finals. Heading back to Cormier's former back yard likely means a crowd fully against Mir, and that's something he's prepared for.

"I think I am going to get boo'ed quite a bit," Mir said. "It hurts my feelings, but I'll get over it."

Mir added that he's expecting to be taken down in the fight, but he made sure to warn Cormier of the damage he can do once the fight hits the ground.

"I'm not going to argue with the guy, if he doesn't want me to take him down, I'm not going to take him down, so I'm just going to have to make sure he suffers from that decision," Mir said. "And, I'm more proficient than anyone he's ever fought at finishing fights, I've broken the limbs of people much stronger and bigger than him."

Penick's Analysis: Mir may be slightly mistaken on the date, as there hasn't been a Sunday night Zuffa event since the WEC, and considering it would be a Sunday during football season that doesn't make much sense. Still, Mir saying it's a Sunday and not just mentioning a random date lends more credence to that being a correct booking. Regardless, confirmation or denial of this date will likely come in the next couple of weeks.

if the fight was in norman, mir might steal some cheers.

i found the "if he doesnt take me down, i wont take him down" part precious tho

<blockquote>WrestlingSucks - if the fight was in norman, mir might steal some cheers.<br /><br />i found the "if he doesnt take me down, i wont take him down" part precious tho</blockquote><br />That was odd of him but I'm sure he feels his K1 level striking will win the fight.<br /><br />This is Cormier's 8th and final fight under Strikeforce contract and needs an impressive performance to be fast-racked to a title shot on UFC card.