Mir vs. Arlovski ??

So I just watched UFC 56 again and one of Dana's "big announcements" was supposed to be a fight between Frank Mir and AA. Was there a reason why this never happened? I mean I know Mir would get owned but I would think Dana wouldn't want to be a liar :)



Still wanna see Ricco vs Mir

"Still wanna see Ricco vs Mir"

Ricco weighs like 600lbs. No way he makes 265.

"but I would think Dana wouldn't want to be a liar"



Mir has no business being in the ring with Arlovski at this point, nor should he be in the UFC at all. Ever since his injury, he's been a shadow of his former self, and even before, he was only impressive for 2-3 minutes and started fading if the fight wasn't won by then. If he wants to continue fighting at all, he should try to get some wins in smaller promotions first.

jensk is correct

officerMatt-Ricco is under 300 now and last I heard near 265 if no there already

^^^^^^HOLY SHIT.

I feel bad for Mir, such a nice guy but really not the same fighter since his accident.