Mir vs. Buentello?

If Mir and Buentello win on Saturday I they they would be ideal opponents for eachother in their next fight. Since Arlovski and Sylvia are fighting again in April that means neither of them will have a title shot at least until June. They could fight eachother on the same card as Arlovski/Sylvia to determine #1 contender and the next title shot. It would also make that show a little more dramatic. Thoughts?

good idea

gives mir more chance to get right for AA and we see a matchup which hasn't occured yet so im all for it

I really hope that Mir can recover (fighting wise) to the level he was at before his accident. He's an exciting fighter to watch, in my opinion... gasses in like, 4 minutes, but he's fun to watch anyway.

Who will ever forget the fight against Sims where Sims just refused to tap out, only to be ko'ed early in the 2nd? That was beautiful.

Beautiful idea forrestfan!! I've been wanting to see that fight for a while too. If Hinkle wins his fight against Monson his stock will rise and I'd like to see him fight someone like Aussuerio Silva next.

buentello by ko if this matchup happens.

It could blood fist. If Paul is knocking people out especially Mir, then people will want to see a rematch even though it was sort of anit-climactic last time. It could be much more exciting the next time around, but I think Mir would beat Buentello before that would happen anyways. Hopefully Mir gets back to where he was before quick because there are some good fights for him and he looks to be the only real threat to Arlovski right now.

good point bloodfist

I hope not Coffee Guy. They took the first step and brought in Aussuerio Silva which isn't much but it is a start. Hopefully they can sign a legitamate contender soon like Heath Herring and keep the ball rolling from there.

That's cool, but I would really like to see Cabage and Buentello eventually. That would be interesting.