Mir vs Christison at UFC 61

Just heard that Frank Mir will most likely be fighting Dan Christison at UFC 61.

GO DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not sure what happened to Buentello.

great fight

Buentello was to good... Dan is a more suitable "can" for Frank.

Great move by Zuffa if the rumour is true.

smarter matchup for Zuffa. would have been a more appropriate first shot out of the gate.

Hopefully we still get to see Buentello fight someone.

Buentello is not currently under contract with anyone.
I don't see why the UFC doesn't sign him.
his last fight was entertaining as hell, he fights toe to toe with anyone and I really enjoy his fights.
sure he got caught by a crisp right by AA, but shit happens.
I'm hoping they sign him soon, he's a pretty damn good fighter.

mir should pull guard and work his magic

I thought that Buentello himself already alluded to a fight between Mir and himself.


I wanted to see buentello fight 2

I'd rather see Buentello there, but Christison is a good test for Mir as well. If his head still isn't in the game, Christison has a good chance at a TKO stoppage.

hmm, I assumed Paul was out. Maybe Christison is the fight for Mir after Bunetello? all I heard was that Christison will be fighting Mir "soon". I assumed that meant UFC 61. Not sure.

i think Buentello will end up fighting Jeff Monson now that Sylvia/Arlovski III is happening.

ttt for Big Dan!

The UFC will match Mir against someone they believe he can beat to try to kick start Mir again back into old form. Christianson very tough because of size and strength as well as his cardio will be tough for Mir. Paul B would be a great test for Monson someone much taller heavier that can throw heavy hands. If Monson gets him down watch out but that is a big IF.

Tait looking forward to seeing your fight tonight on TUF against Josh.

Thanks--it was a blast...ttt for Dan C!!!

RKing, I do the PR for Dan Christison, I would be interested in knowing where you heard that tidbit of info....if you wouldn't mind....You can email me on here....thanks....I'd appreciate it!! :)

so you basically made an assumption that started a thread with no basis

Mir vs. Buentello is still on.