I thought it would be a faith building experience if we shared our experience of any miracles that we have seen. They should be first hand, not apocryphal tales - Ie. Ones that you either saw or personally saw the results of.

Also, it would be good if you listed the possible naturalistic explanations for this, to encourage critical thinking, if you can't find any then it's defo a miracle!

I'll start with a couple of stories. A girl I know at church had horrible, horrible teeth (we are british after all), she was in her early teens and they were growing through all over the place. The cost of braces and a massive number of authodentist appointments was going to be massive. Anyway, I had seen her THAT Sunday morning and her teeth were all over the shop as always. Apparently she had been prayed for over the course of the day and when I saw her in the evening her teeth were practically perfect. I mean, some had actually dissapeared !

This obviously sounds difficult to believe to all the skeptics and hatas out there, believe me, it was for me too. But it happened, I saw the results! My dad is quite the atheist and he was trying to explain it through telepathy (ie. Somehow people praying for her was causing her body to heal itself) , and if this was over the course of months this might be a plausible explanation - but over the course of 2 hours? The body doesn't have any ability to heal itself in that time.

Another guy who was just a couple of years older than me (I'm 20) had serious cancer and was about to start his second course of Chemo, when, after prayer - he went into remission. Upon investigation the Cancer had dissapeared (Testicular). From a skeptical point of view, this story is also a lot easier to pick apart, because of course some people go into remission for seemingly no reason.

One final story is when my mum invited over this family to eat when they were having a load of financial troubles. It was an off the cuff suggestion and we didn't really have much food. We put in a really small bit of lamb into the oven and they all prayed over it (I didn't because at 8 I had decided I was too cool for God) and seriously, when we took the lamb out, it was bigger. It's hardly feeding the 5000, but it's getting there. From this tiny bit of lamb that was going to struggle to feed 3, came a meal that fed 8 and had leftovers.#

These stories may sound ridiculous or cooky to you, but if God does exist, think how much greater than these miracles he is. These are tiny signs of his glory.

Anyway, please share any stories you may have..

I've seen tons of hallucination and delusions, but no miracles unfortunately. I wish I had these experiences that you guys treasure so much. I'm afraid that if I ever did see a genuine miracle, I'd write it off as a misinterpretation of the facts on my part.