Mirko @ 205...is this the time???

after his devastating loss,is it time for him to headkick tito and liddell?

Mirko vs. Liddell would be a fucking war!

He needs to get a couple colonics.

Drop weight because he lost a match? A bit ridiculous, don't you think?

bj penn did it. ^

Its not just cause he lost, EVERYONE wants to see Cro Cop vs Chuck.

HELL YAH! Drop a weight class everytime you lose a fight. That is the UFC way and the "UFC WAY" is the way of the warrior.

I want to see CroCop vs Chack as well, everyone does

but I don't think CroCop would ever drop to 205

he is too proud, he knows the HW division is the only true division for him, he is too proud to drop weight to fight smaller men

Chuck should go up^

CroCop should be drinking his urine.

Chuck will not survive Rampage, hence he will never fight Mirko..