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Cro Cop Blames Cikatic for Nationalist Slur

A feud has surfaced between two of Craotia's best known fighters, Pride star Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and early Pride nutcase, Branko Cikatic.

The feud boiled over when posters appeared in a town where Filipovic was due to make a special guest appearance. These posters insinuated that Cro-Cop is not a Croat but a Serb, traditionally the worst allegation that you can level at a Croat, and vice versa.
Most of you will know about the tensions between the nations of the former Yugoslavian Republic, particularly between Serbia Montenegro and neighbouring Croatia. For those that don't here is a quick history lesson.

Apparently these claims came after a famous Serbian singer who's surname happens to be Filipovic told a newspaper in an interview that she is related to the Pride fighter by blood.

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic flipped his lid when he found out about this and immediately blamed his former training partner Branko Cikitic, who he alleges has been out to discredit him since he left the Cikitic Camp.

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Branko was a great fighter back in the day, a real crazy fucker. Great to watch.

"Great to watch."

If you're drunk! lol