Mirko Cro Cop - Interview

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CRO COP is training hard for his UFC debut


In his house gym Cro Cop is flamingly preparing for his debut in U.S.A.( on 3th of February in Las Vegas). In fight, which will take place in hotel "Mandalay Bay", the strongest croatian wants to be full prepares for his first opponent Sanchez.

On 16th of February in Croatia will arrive russian sparing partner, tall and strong fighter.
"In my first fight I want to be on level that I was on that September day when I won OWGP belt. For my first opponent I am not preparing nothing special, he should expect my clasic arsenal." (his high kick etc..)

Zelg Galesic about Mirko

!Mirko thrills me with his timing for kick, without that feelling it wouldnt be his fantastic high kick. I am certain that Mirko will soon be owner of another belt."

His manager and sparing partner (lucic and pokrajac) said that if he is gonna be healthly he will dominate in UFC cage for a while.

Zelg Galesic said that in fight against Sanchez Mirko should not have any problems. He must change his takedown defense and also getting up from ground is different (said Galesic).

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"In his house gym Cro Cop is flamingly preparing for his debut in U.S.A."

Mirko is like sitting in a bubble bath plucking the petals from a flower.


"Cro Cop is flamingly preparing for his debut in U.S.A"

The UFC is coming to San Francisco?