Mirko fire his agent..for vsFedor

This is very good news.
It is said that One agent do manegement both Mirko and Fedor's agent.So This agent does not hope Fedor vs Mirko....

But Mirko is the man! He said good bye to this agent for this great fight.

More news is


Mirko is the man. Please KO the money hungry fedor for me!

*LMFAO* The money hungry Fedor?

He made Pride look bad... Pride pussed out and let Inoki have him and Schilt!!! What the Hell?

I don't give a rat's ass about Judokas!!! I only like Yoshida.

If couture just signed with pride secretly w/o UFC's involvement, wouldn't you guys get pissed at COuture? I thought so!! Fedor has no ethics and I liked his scheming smile when Nog beat Crocop!

that said. Fedor would most likely annihilate Crocop. sad but true.