Mirko v Kongo is Bad for UFC

Mirko and Kongo is really bad for the UFC because it rewards Kongo for
two terribly boring performances. He puts everyone to sleep against
Marrero and Silva and now he gets a shot at one of the most
accomplished fighters in the game.

Mirko had a bad showing against Gonzaga but it wasn't boring. Joe Slva
has made a big deal about rewarding fighters who come to fight and not
rewarding those who don't. If he makes this match, he sends the wrong

However this time Kongo is up against a fellow striker, leading to fireworks.

"He puts everyone to sleep against Marrero and Silva"

Lol?? you are putting the blame on the guy being held down instead of the guys holding him down?

kongo is terrible

Kongo and Hardonk both had bad fights last time out. Put them in
together on the undercard. That would be fair.

he should be fighting Arlovski

Kongo/Silva was decent fight. Kongo is now 3-1 and deserves to move up in the ranks. I would have preferred a match with Vera and have Crocop fight Sylvia but this is a great matchup.

"Dana needs to make that poster boy earn his big buck$. I say make him fight AA, Sylvia, loser of Randy vs Gonzaga. Screw Cro."

I agree. How many "tune ups" does he need?

wtf??? how can u say it is a bad match up..this fight will be off the hook..2 good stand up fighters banging it out.yeah that sounds bad.lets put a good wreslter up against a striker so we can watch the wrestler lay on him an do nothing..

it should be a standup war. DJ bad for UG.

Some of you need to read my original post before responding. I am not
talking about the fight being potentially exciting or not. I am talking
about rewarding fighters who put on bad performances.

I'll watch it.

This is a great fight.....Its for all those new fans to get a taste of great striking you get a kick boxer v a banger....Someone is going to get paid for Knock out of the night.....

I dont think the boring fight between Kongo - Silva...Granted it would of been nice if Kongo got up...But Silva was laying and pretty much pinning him to the mat....I would understand you complaint if it was Silva v CC...But Kongo was not at fault

"I am talking about rewarding fighters who put on bad performances."

I imagine they are hoping he will be a highlight reel KO for Crocop, so I don't see how that is a reward.

joe silva has no clue, he's a puppet on strings