Mirko's Name

Since we're talking about him, why does Pride always list him as Mirko Cro Cop, when his name is Mirko Filipovic?  I thought Cro Cop was his nickname.

They don't call Mark "The Hammer" Coleman, Mark Hammer?  I just find it interesting, anyone have any idea?


I guess it was too tough to pronounce firipobich

*runs away from FCTV etc.

Elvis King, IMO

Who cares?!?!!???

For some reason, this is how PRIDE announces some fighters with nicknames. Mauricio Shogun, Murilo Ninja, Evangelista Cyborg, etc.

Must be a Japanese thing.

Macedog, that's not too bad... :)


Good point, I did forget about those guys. 


Cyril Diabat? is fastly becoming just Snake in all the forum I am reading.

I guess as soon as the name is difficult people prefer to use nickname

Kevin Monster?

Hey Elvis whats up my fellow Croatian! Well as you know he is Mirko Filipovic however he insists on being addressed as Cro-Cop! I am sure you know he was a Military Police officer during the Brutal war in Croatia! Feel sorry for those Zerbian Prisoners at the time!!!!.... Elvis do you Train Every day? Who do you train with, and when will I see you fight again! Elvis do you do anything else for a living besides fighting? Your fan Grgo

HaHaHa, that announcer lady 'Lenne Hardt' is actually my boss! She gets me free tickets to Pride everytime!

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I always thought it had something to do with the name FILOPIVIC also being the much more famous name of the former President/Dictator of his country Yugoslavia and the fact that FILOPIVIC was tried and convicted I believe of war crimes and atrocities and imprisoned, thus Crocop probably doesnt want to be associated with that Filopovic name and the crimes of his name-sake.

Mirko's shorts look like a barrel of hog feed my grandpa used to have in his shed.