Misha Grapplers Quest Pics

Here are some pics of Misha vs Sergio (420lbs). Awesome match!

Everyone in Canada would be proud.



The up-coming sub wrestling match between Misha and Renato should suggest the skill level of the former. I believe he is only 20 years old yet he is tearing it up with some of the best. Sam Zakula is able to get the best out of the athletes he trains. Very exciting match-up with little downside for Misha!

WOW.. misha actually looks small compared to this guy.. and the fact he tried to double leg that guy is BEYOND NUTS cant wait to see the fight..

SITOUT from under that fat man = gangster

AND THE WIN.. is babalu next???



fuck that's a big boy! Look at the size of his legs?
Any descriptions of the match?

MISHA WON.. :) from the pictorial layout it started with a takedown by misha and scramble to big mans back... big man then escapes and is in mishas guard.. puts pressure and somehow either from that or a takedown attempt misha is under that monsters sprawl at which point he does the sitout as displayed above and scores for putting him on his back going on to win by points.

thanks for the breakdown

that dude is big really big!! Congrats to Sam and Mark. They have taken a judo machine and made it a Grappling Nightmare! Nice job guys

Nice, it's allways fun to fight the really big guys.

Combatfitness with Sam and Bocek.


Congrats That is a big boy, I hope he wins it all!

Josh 77

Misha has been around the scene atleast 2 yrs now .Bravado Open 05',Joslins ,Kombat arts event to name a few locally. I guess you dont get to make it out to Tournaments .if you do go ,you can`t miss him.once you get to know him ,super nice guy.

Congrats to Misha!