misplayed royal flush draw...

i was in the big blind and had 10 Q of spades. no raises. flop comes K of spades, J of spades, rag.

i checked. some "clown" bet 10 - one caller to me.

i know i should have gone all in and taken the pot right there, but i really wanted to catch a royal in a casino game(i had one once in a home game.), so i just called it.

turn was another king. the bettor went all in for his last 25 or so. the other guy raised all in. i pictured beating his full house with my royal so i called his all in for about another 50.

river was a ten - nothing for me. original bettor(clown) had J2 for the win. the other guy(all in for about 50) had A10.

so i blew a few bucks just trying to catch my royal instead of playing the hand correctly on purpose but i was the big stack so it wasn't that bad of a dent in my chips....open ended royal draw on flop - probaly a few years till that happens again.
i think i had 20 outs. is that right? 4 aces, 3 queens, 4 nines, and any of the nine remaining spades.

You are double counting some of your outs.

9 spades, only 3 aces (we counted the Ace of spades already) and 3 9's. We don't count Queens as an out because there is already a King on the table and it's likely that one of the two players can already beat a Queen. So that makes 15 outs.

Man you pulled on in a home game? That's pretty sweet. I pulled one a few weeks ago but it was online and in a play-money single table tournament, so I don't feel like it really counts (but I did get to double up on it). I wish I could pull one in real life, I would love it.

How often do you think the average poker room in vegas sees a royal flush? I'm just wondering

15 Outs. The Queens make the A/10 a straight.

"You are double counting some of your outs. "

oops. i realized that after i turned of my computer last night(this morning actually)....also i was counting the Q's based on what the others actually wound up having, but a Q would have given the A10 a str8 so i shouldn't have counted them anyway.

would you have gone all in after the the bets on the flop PR? at the time i thought that was the move and i think everyone else would have folded but i didn't want to ruin my chance at getting a royal.

Headcheese - to properly analyze the situation we need more specific information - NL cash or tourney game, stack sizes of each player, number of players at table, and that saw flop, etc.

However, initially with the information you provided I like pushing all-in on the flop. You do have position whic is great because you get to see what those 2 guys do before you and by the betting it seems like they dont have anything to good.

cash game, 9 players with about 5 seeing the flop for the size of the BB. i had about 500 bucks. there was another limper with about 400. the others had between 50 - 150 infront of them. the pot was very small after the flop - about 15 bucks. had i pushed it all in after the flop and was called by the 400 stack, i'd most likely be playing catch up with most of my stack commited on a draw( a great draw though). if everone folded, i would have been risking 400 to win 15. after the betting on the flop, it was whittled down to three of us and i had no real risk to my stack. i'm pretty sure i could have made them both fold by re-raising all in when the pot was 35 bucks. that was the move i think but i didn't want to scare anyone away and miss my chance at a royal. stupid reason and a stupid play i know, but i wanted that royal dammit.

BTW, in the future, just assume all my hands are in casino, no limit, full 9 player, cash games - that's all i ever play.