Misprinted UK UFC poster

Does anyone else have one of these? It says Hughes and Newton are fighting middleweight instead of welterweight. I have two, one's correct the other isn't.

got any pics of this? post them or send me one.


what other posters do you have? passes?

post a pic

Interesting. TTT for MMA's Murphy reverse negative

i dont have this....

Mini's ?

Yeah, what size is it? And will you part with them?

Yeah they are the small size. I didn't have any plans to sell them necessarily.

Here's another one at that size:

20 bucks ? Please think of a price if you are interested.

No I think I'll keep them but thanks.

Sorry if that insulted you. These things are tough to appraise. So new and all......

No I wasn't insulted at all it's probably not worth much of anything right now.

I might trade for something cool though.

attjack-- will you trade this 28 for a rare old tito ortiz and frank shamrock mini posters? email me if youre interested. ive never seen the ones i have in circulation. what other posters do you have?


Well I have the full sized one and as you can see a bunch of people signed that 28. Plus I think that 28 is probably my favorite poster. Post pics if youi got em though.

attjack-- are those tacks in those posters? what are you thinking?????????? room looks cool. i have my tv room done up like that

the mini posters i have are two seperate posters. one has tito after he won the title from vanderlei silva. the other has frank shamrock after he won the king of pancrase title. they are like the beaties boxes, just bigger.

I just found 2 of them. Both signed in storage. UFC sent them to my gym (ACS) and I came up

I had never noticed that they were errors

Yeah those are tacks. I had that UFC 22 poster in my closet for ears and since I took it out and stuck some tacks in it I've been enjoying it much more.