Mispronouncing Italian words just because you are 1% Italian and from New York is the

How is it more comfortable (seriously asking)? I’ve worn similar things like rash guards for grappling and hated it.

I never got biking culture in general. I used to ride at least 100 miles every weekend and did so in regular clothes, not fucking up traffic, and not running down pedestrians.

It makes it more comfortable to fuck up traffic and run down pedestrians if you have a USPS kit on and an aero helmet.

It is a different thread. I don’t want to derail this topic, I am just saying that it is less gay.

Spandex is very gay

Maybe Liberace gay?

Possibly, I am not discounting the gayness of spandex and cycling culture, but it is not as gay as mispronouncing words to project a distant heritage.


Oh good lord at thinking muts-a-rell is “correct.” Goofy.

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one is gay while I think the other is better described as ignorant and low class

Love to get some spaget on the hill!

LOL my moms side in all northern Italian (dont you dare call them southern) and everyone talks just fine. Those guidos in the NE are so “fuckin’ obnox”.

I’ve met many actual Italians over the years and none of them has ever spoken even slightly like the italian-american accent I’ve heard in the movies. I’ve always wondered whether it really exists like that or is just over exaggerated for the movies.

I bet none of that happened, you pretentious cockhead.

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Few stereotypical people are more irritating than fake Italians and Irish. Most self absorbed peoples beyond AA.

watchu tawkin about, vinny?

I’m from the Chi. The “Italians” never pronounce shit like the wannabes from the east coast. Never once have i heard anything like that. New Yorkers and Jersey wannabe Italians are my least favorite Americans. I prefer my southern redneck over those toolbags. I’m working in NJ right now. Nobody says you’re welcome here. Just yeah. I hate it here

I grew up in NJ…

I moved away from the east coast years ago. When I first moved to Colorado I went to a gas station and just said , hey how’s it going? Clerk goes in to how her day was and all that.

A year or so later I was driving back east. Went to a gas station in a small town. I asked the clerk how he was doing. He literally said “umpf “ and didn’t lift his head. Not even a fucking word, just noises.

That pretty much sealed me never living back there. Just assholes, all assholes.

I’ve grown to have so much contempt for the east coast and it’s shitty inhabitants over the years. This thread reminded me of the goofy Italian ny’ers that are just giant fucking douche bag.


This needs a thousand up votes.

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