Miss February 1967


Mom!?!? Phone Post 3.0

TheHouse - Mom!?!? Phone Post 3.0
Ruh roh!!! Phone Post 3.0

That's not bad but I'm much more interested in recent nudes of her.   Got any?

Chimonos Revenge -


Why do I get the feeling that she totally had sex with that photographer and that awesome couch. Phone Post 3.0

She's cute, but I can't find any pussy shots.

Granpa - She's cute, but I can't find any pussy shots.

I don't think Playboy did those in the 60's.

I don't think it was until Hustler and Larry Flynt came along that you started to see that.

Chimonos Revenge - 


I bet the photographer sniffed the seat after she left...

Damn Phone Post 3.0

Briscoe -


She has nudes, all as top quality as this photo. And yes, she is shaved!

This photo doesn't look 1967 but with Photo technology, I am sure they re-colored it Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

Well she translates nicely into 2015.

Chimonos Revenge -


When porn was art Phone Post 3.0