Miss Strikeforce 2011 - Kelli Hutcherson Photo

Shoot on the Strikeforce website site



I'd hit it...but only after she gets them elbows seen too.



That right there is a beautiful woman.

she has elbows? I didn't notice.


lookin good.

RKing85 - she has elbows? I didn't notice.

only standing, not for downed fighters

she looks like a snake, her body is so long


like the fist of an angry bigfoot

Torso is not that long, bikini bottom is that short. Damn.

She's hot...but her hips are pretty narrow. She would be perfect with wider hips! Phone Post


Her torso is abnormally long. Did they stretch/Photoshop her photo? Otherwise, she's pretty sexy. Phone Post

she's strangely hot



Moth2Flame - Her blond hair and nice body detract form an otherwise plain face. IMO...still a good looking woman but I find that some blondes are deceptively cute because of the hair. Weird eh??

that's why blondes are so in demand