Missed leafs/Rangers Brawl

I saw Simon wrestle with Marchment early in the game. Actually I missed it as tsn was showing a replay instead of the game but they replayed it after fuckers. Anyways I was watching the tracy morgan show and was on the phone and when I flipped it back to the game I missed a line brawl, shit. You know they won't reshow that again on the highlights. I hope Simon pounded on Domi, Marchment, or Tucker as I know he ended up fighting one of them in the brawl.

Simons a pussy, and the Rags suck.

Simon just threw marchment around, domi took on the "heavy weight" in barnaby like he does all the time, and tucker had a decent go with de vries

simon, tucker, and devries where all thrown out of the game, marchment should have been gone as well, i don't care if your jumped or not you fought after the whistle when an altercation was already ended, it helped the leafs out a lot, since they didn't have to go with 5 dmen the rest of the game

who won barnaby or domi, fuck i hate domi

Simon's a pussy, lol, okay. He may not fight as much anymore but I'd hardly call him a pussy. Agreed on the fact that the Rangers suck though. All that talent and salary and yet nothing.

lol.. if you hate domi, you're going to hate hearing this. He beat barnaby down in the first AND in the second. both fights were identicle.. they squared off, domi jumped in a grabbed barnaby and threw fast.. don't think barnaby even got a punch in, or threw more than a couple. barnaby goes down, domi continues to pound his face. was nice.

Domi did beat down Barnaby, don't think Barnaby was hurt at all though.... why doesn't Domi take on the heavyweights anymore?? i've seen many leafs get abused this year and thier "tough" guy is no where to be found, just a few games ago Lessard on Atlanta ran around like an animal, suckered Perrot, and even came off the bench to join a scrum, domi should have drop the gloves with him the next shift after he suckered a teammate... i have no respect for domi anymore, i think he's finished after this year

Leafs kicked ASS!!

didn't look like Barnaby's nose felt too good after the second fight