Mission To Mars (2000 movie).

Anyone like this movie? I thought it was a pretty decent flick. Usually confuse it with Red Planet which I think came out right around the same time. 


opieandjimmy - Which one is that?


it was better than the martian

Liked Red Planet much better.  I think they came out the same year

Terrible soundtrack


Good movie

The ending was kind of dumb though.


"Wanna go 'home'? You know to the planet in another solar system where you'll know nobody, look like nobody, speek like nobody, think like nobody and relate to nobody?"






"Because my wife died"


"What about your family and friends?"


"Fuck 'em. Take me 'home'"

Jack Carter - 

Terrible soundtrack


Good movie


lmao at that growling tornado

I wanted to see Sinese get butt probed before he was beamed to the mother ship

Both were horrible and probably killed any mainstream interest in the planet for the next decade or two.

"Mission to Mars" tried to be the next 2001.

"Red Planet" was basically just a sci-fi action movie.