Mister Mighty Mouse has Nothing Left to Prove to Dana

“Hahaha,” Johnson said (h/t Andrew Whitelaw). “I mean, it’s not important at all. I mean, I know and I think the world knows where my skill set is. I’ve shown it in my last (few) fights. And I’m just going to go out there and do my thing. Obviously, you know, hahaha, I’m not worried about showing anything to Dana White.”

OMG will Dana CLAP BACK?

What a stupid headline. Why would anyone think that the the man TIED for all time most UFC title defense with bones jones at 11 (but with never failing a ped test) have anything to prove to anyone.

That was a dumb question to ask the GOAT.

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The P4P best martial arts champ ever … and Dana didn’t remotely try to promote him.

He finished more prime opponents in his title defenses than Jones, and they were ALL bigger than him.

Why would he need to prove anything to him? He left the UFC and is in a completely different organization on another continent.

Just like Fedor never had anything to prove to Dana.


Tonight the GOAT goes to work!!!

How the hell does Moraes make weight?

Dumb question. Mighty Mouse is a fighter. Dana is a promoter. He’s not MM’s daddy; he’s not a fighter; he’s not a coach. Why would MM have to prove anything to him?

at +500 Moraes might not be a bad risk to throw a couple dollars on… he is very good and quite a big larger than DJ… and lets be honest here, ONE does not drug test.

DJ is 34. That matters more at the lighter weights and he has been fighting a long time.

He is my favorite fighter and I still think he can win this but it is a much closer match than the odds suggest.

Of course Dana tried to promote him. This little sawed off shit did everything he possibly could to be unpromotable. He openly talked about not caring about doing anything to promote himself.

How the fuck do you get people excited about a 5’1" manlet who does nothing but play video games? How do you talk about that with your friends who might get excited for 1 or 2 big fights a year? “Dude you gotta see this guy, he’s smaller than 90% of the women you’ve ever met, he never says anything interesting, and when he’s not fighting, he streams on twitch like all the faggot dweebs you’ve never liked in your life!”

Strong case, bro.

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You are pathetic. That is all.

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