Mitts, Body Protector... help?

merry christmas! my brother and i tore my cheap old focus mitts apart over the holidays. i am considering buying something from either ringside or titleboxing, but i'm open to suggestions. whats the advantage to getting leather mitts over canvas, or even synthitic? looking for advice.

ever use any of these punch mitts?

or these Body Protectors?

Ringside Premier Super Body Protector

or these Catch-N-Return Mitts?

i'm looking for some quality gear, but not necessarily the top of the line. any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

thanks again

i have several ringside mitts. the air mitts are good
if you are holding for big heavy hitters and your
shoulders need a break, the lightweight ones are
decent, but the best are probably the traditional
mitts which have the best feel. I am looking into
body protectors right now so i will let you know.

thanks weapon. i appreciate that. have you tried any of the body protectors i listed?

I tried the ringside protector. I didnt really like it. Didnt seem to really stop much of the blow. Plus it was hard to wear and move in.

i found the ringside protector good to get used to taking body shots without taking them full on. however if you aren't looking to toughen your midsection up i would avoid the ringside protector.

as for mits, my coach has these kick ass mits, real solid. i saw them in a ringside catalog a couple months or a year ago listed as cobra mits. they have a curved shape to them. kick ass mits.

my midsection is pretty solid, but in comparison to the Title body protector... im wondering which is better? or maybe there is another protector you'd recommend? will have to check out the cobra mitts.


I have never used it yet but the body protector from fairtex looks good. it is very expensive though $100. Fairtex stuff is worth it though, its lasts a long time. I will let you know when i end up getting one if its good or not.

would appreciate that. thanks