mixed ethnic MMA fighters

  1. BJ Penn was born to a mother named Lorraine Pualani Shin of Korean and Hawaiian descent and a father named Jay Dee of Irish and English ancestry

    2. Brandon Vera was born to a Filipino father and an Italian American mother.

    3. Kenny Florian was born to Peruvian parents, however they are of Spanish, Italian, German, Armenian, and French heritage.

    4. Josh 'the Punk' Thomson was born to a Mexican mother and a white father.

    5. Tito Ortiz is half Mexican (father) and half Caucasian (mother)

    6. Lyoto Machida Japanese father and Brazilian mother

    7. Dennis Kang Korean father and White American mother.

    You can check out other ethnicities of fighters at this site called http://ethnicelebs.com

 Voted up. I always find myself wondering what ethnicities random celebs are..


wait.. josh is half mexican and half white... tito is half mexican and half caucasian... wtf who does the racial profiling for that site?

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when u think about it, 2/5 UFC champs are of half Asian half Caucasian mix.

that is 40% of the belts belong to a group that makes up for what? 1 % of the population?