Mixed Marshal arts?

Wow. Just, wow. The "writer" of this article uses "Mixed Marshal Arts" in a big piece about the relative safety of it and boxing.

I love it how it is used in the headline and throughout the piece. I just looked on my keyboard realized typing it that way is no accident....he's only HEARD it and never READ the phrase. So he decided to do a big writeup on it!



That's not how you spell "arts"?

I don't get it.

I worry that they could get stuck in those boxes, potentially for ever.

Looks like they changed it.


Not uncommon. The Arabic guy that owns the building where our school is, put up signs in back that read: "Marshal Arts Parking Only!"

Maybe it's a school for Sheriff's to learn painting?

We've all made fun of it, but our instructor is too lazy, and says "I don't own the building" Bad for your image imo.

Think I'll go spray paint those signs myself!