Mixed Martial Art Training Book

 I have a 20$ credit at Amazon.com  and wanted to get a book on Mma training. Does any one know of any good ones? 
 I have seen the following ones on Amazon.com: No Holds Barred Fighting: The Ultimate Guide to Submission Wrestling by Mark Hatmaker, Doug Werner, Submission Fighting Techniques by Steven S. Iverson, More No Holds Barred Fighting: Killer Submissions by Mark Hatmaker, No Holds Barred Fighting Techniques by Rodrigo Gracie. Are they any good?  

I already have Renzo's, Bas Rutten's books and the Fighter's Notebook.


hatmaker's stuff is all good,iverson book is good,didn't know rodrigo had a book,check to see if it's actually out yet,otherwise amazon will have you waiting forever until it's really released.....