Mixed rules fights in UFC?

I think it would be awesome. K-1, Heros and pride have done it. It would be cool to see Cung Le vs anderson in a K-1 rules match. Or Demian Maia vs lil Nog in a Grappling match. I feel it could lend to the "martial arts" aspect of our beloved MMA. Phone Post

No thanks.

I just accidentally re watched that stupid "karate rules"match they did on one of the Prides,and I fell right asleep.

One set of rules per org.

Anything else just confuses and frustrates the viewers.

The UFC should remain about MMA. It's a pity we don't have tournament/grand prix events anymore or "one round" vale tudo fights. Don't add more rules to MMA or dilute the card with fights that aren't MMA.

They should add a few x-arm matches to every card imo Phone Post

different rules for each round was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen

At this point if they had the the fighters come out in the SUMO suits and try and knock each other over it would be an upgrade from their boring ass cards................................