MixedMartialArts.com = Facebook of MMA

I was just thinking how lucky we are as an MMA community to have a website like this dedicated to MMA.

It's just one of those great all round, one stop shops like Facebook is. Even though I am over it. That we can come here and have a large and powerful social network of fighters and all people connected to this sport.

Congrats to Kirik, Chris and all MMA.tv guys on top 5 in the paid sports section on the Apple iPhone App Store.

I'm excited about the future of this website.

It's gonna get more and more exciting for everyone. I know all of you guys with iPhones are happy(me), but once Droid and Blackberry and everyone is caught up it's gonna take off even further.

Just an awesome MMA tool on the go.

Nothing like a good appreciation thread. Written from the iPhone. Phone Post

It is one of only 2 forums I even frequent any more (the other one being a gaming one - not sherdog or some such filth). Plus I usually check here first for news. Glad we have this site provided to us but it is really the members that make it. Some really great and interesting people here.

Hahaha good luck Phone Post