Miyao Style Footwork to Dominate Leg Drill

A drill to help understand the required foot work to dominate a leg to acquire the back.

Ttt, will definitely work this in later Phone Post

I used to drill this a lot. Going to revisit it in a few weeks.

Nice video.


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Nice drill Davin that take you straight to the truck to. Phone Post


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arnanderson - Double guard pull is gayer than a semen drenched mustache

Not for everyone.


Glad that some of you find use in the drill though.

That's actually very cool Phone Post 3.0

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I understand this is part of modern BJJ, I just don't like it. I guess I'm old and play my game like an old game. Maybe is because of MMA positioning or a more self defense style of BJJ...
I don't know, I think this stuff is cool and efficient it's just not for me. Phone Post 3.0

Just a chubby HG player here.. Got a question for the guys that play this style? Obviously for someone like myself inverting, shoulder rolls etc just are not for me but understanding it so I can effectively deal with it is really something I am interested in?

My question if there is a double guard pull and lets say the person comes up to a combat base are you immediately looking to insert a hook and go for the roll? The Berimbolo game is interesting, just trying to understand it more?

Thanks guys in advance...


For computer Phone Post 3.0

I want to learn the berimbolo game bad.. Any good YouTube instructional videos? Phone Post 3.0