Mizuho Lin..... OMG

Totally hot Japanese descent Brazilian chick with good English who sings heavy metal. Has pipes a lot like Amy Lee, IMO, but about 1000x hotter.

Only drawback (you can find the full video in the playlist) is that Mizuho can't really groove. Awesome pipes, hot as hell, but she's got that Japanese descent lack of dance rhythm. I swear, it must be in the fucking DNA.

Still, a very solid 9.95


For a blue to assist.

She can dance on my dick like a meth head have withdraw seizures for all I care. Bitch is fine. Phone Post 3.0

But she's not a 9.5 upon Instagram analysis. Phone Post 3.0

She is hot...like her singing better here though

wood like wooden chopstiks

Japanese Brazilian fusion? Sounds like my new favorite steak house/whore house. Phone Post 3.0

something about blue hair

Seriously, the blue hair just takes it to anime hot levels.

Just a bump for the hottest chick in metal.

Chocolate Shatner - Seriously, the blue hair just takes it to anime hot levels.
Lot of Japanese in brazil Phone Post 3.0

Never_rolled - In Brazil they call Japanese Brazilians Japarongo's (spelled phonetically) I watched a video and she spoke perfect Portuguese so I new she was from down under.

Before I married my evil ex Br. She had a Jap/Br. Roommate Monica. Always wanted to bang never did. Married a body builder pretty boy that caught the ghey and left her for rich guys. Not joking. Phone Post 3.0

Isnt down under restricted to Aussies and New Zealanders?

hate the hair but love the face.