Mizuno Gi's

i'm interested in purchasing a mizuno gi, specifically the signature or the yawara

i would like the opinions and feedback from owners of mizuno gi's regarding quality , cut and comfort of the gi or any other gripes they might have with them as From what i am seeing mizunos seem quite pricey and would like to see if the product justifies the price tag .

also with mizuno being predominantly geared towards judo, will i be able to get away with wearing one of these gi's whilst doing bjj ? or will the different cut affect movement in any way ?

thanks for your time
and feedback would be much appreciated

If you're looking to get a Mizuno for BJJ i would recommend the EuroComp. It has a somewhat tapered cut which fits more like a BJJ gi.

I've had one for about 2 years now and, while i've done mostly judo I have done some BJJ with it and have been nothing but happy with it.

thanks for the quick reply CPTTurbo

could you please tell me what are the differences in cut between a judo and bjj gi ?
and when you say tappered cut , what is meant by this ?

I have the Mizuno Eurocomp. Its a very tough and thick gi but I don't think it fits closely enough to fit as a BJJ gi. The skirt is really close fitting though and the collar is sufficiently thick.

ttt for mizuno feedback

I own a eurocomp. I've done a little bjj in it. It fits well for it.

The typical Judogi is downright "baggy" compared to a BJJ gi. However, the Mizuno Eurocomp has a shorter skirt, tighter arms, and narrower body while still complying with the IJF regulations.

The fit is more similar to a "looser" BJJ gi than a typical, baggy Judogi and it has a teeny tiny M patch. Awesome armor for grip fighting. Got mine for ~ $160 or so.

BTW, I'd love to have the Signature when I get the extra cash. Also, you can wear your Judogi in BJJ, some Judo clubs allow BJJ gis, but BJJ gis are illegal in shiai.

Rickson sells mizuno BJJ gi's through his website. My instructor has one, and it is cut very similar to a Machado gi (athletic cut, tapered sleeves and legs). Very high quality, but a lot of money.

Check out www.rickson.com



there are a lot of judogi's that would work for bjj. my century gi's fit like a glove, boarderline illegal for judo, but they pass every time by a hair.

the mizuno' will be fine, but the reason why is becuase they are cut like a european gi-- thats wh ythey are called EUROcomps.

you can look at the adidas, century, danrho, sfjam noris, and toraki gi's as well. they will all have similar qualities and cost less than the mizuno.

in the states, the Century gi is coming on huge. a lot of the national team members are wearing them and dont want anything else now. the rest are divided between other gi companies.


One word, TAGOYA