MK6 leaked image??


Deadly Alliance may have saved that franchise. The story was a little weak, but the gameplay was great. Any other asses who completed the entire journies and opened every Koffin?

HELWIG, I did...

And I agree about it saving the franchise. It got really good reviews, and everyone seemed to love that game.

The only problem with it was that each character only had 1 fatality. I would have liked to see at least 2, for a little variety.

I just hope they bring Scorpion back. I heard a rumor that they won't bring him back because he apparently "died" in the last tournament. Even though he was already dead to begin with.

MK is one fighting franchise I could never get into. If this one gets good reviews, maybe I'll give it a shot.

The journies were the weakest part of the game IMO.

But the fighting was great, it is my favorite fighting game still.

Yeah, Scorpion did 'die' when you beat the game. Liu Kang died in the opening credits.

My favorite characters have always been Raiden and Scorpion.

Journey mode did suck. And scorpion must come back. Power him up and say he absorbed another demon in hell or something, but scorpion and sub zero ARE Mortal Kombat. Take Liu Kang and Cage and all them and throw them in the lake. Scorp and Sub baby. The idea of betting money on matches in that game was BRILLIANT. Quan Chi was also super badass yet his fatality SUCKED!

Actually yeah, Deadly Allliance was surprisingly deep. Some of the more 'monster' like characters were kinda gay though.

It doesn't quite topple Soul Calibur 2, but is classy nonetheless.

Frost. Her move where she stabs you in the legs with her daggers was pretty cool. Some of DA new characters were just weak though. A fat guy...he pukes on the floor and you slip in it.