MKimonos Hybrid gi $$$???

I have a white one from years ago and I love it.

Was thinking about getting a blue one and they are now $160!! Did I miss something? lol

I think I got mine for about $100 bucks when they came out about three years ago

I dont understand why Atama and machados shot up in price like that!

With all the new cheaper but quality kimonos coming out (padilla and sons, sirius) it seems they will price themselves out of the market.

Hard to justify...but I will prob end up getting it anyway lol

i think it was something to do with import/export costs rising, fuel going up, and raw materials going up as well. I don't see how it can be $60, but then again who knows.

 Solution: outsource production to Vietnam

or better yet China and find mercury/cyanide in your gi material.

There sales have had to drop..esp with the introduction of quality products almost half the price.

Fuji is a good cheap gi

i vote with my wallet. it's a gi, not a turbo charger.

padilla and sons is quality and priced correctly

Another vote for Fuji. Excellent gi. And for 69 $...

I don't like the new M kimonos as much as the old ones. I really liked the old ones but since they started selling them again they don't seem to be the same quality. Just my opinion.

The hybrid is the first gi I owned and I absolutely love it. Still wear it all the time. I too paid $110. Vulkans really shot up in price as well.

3rd vote for Fuji here. When Fuji can sell an awesome gi for $70, it makes you wonder how Koral, Atama etc can justify their high prices.

Fuji,, better get one now before they shoot up to $120.00

Yeah, the first Vulkan I bought was either $79 or $89, now they are $159! Same gi. I've also owned 3 of them and all three pants have tore on the same theme. So, I just had to spend $40 on some Atama pants too. Ceeeraaazy.

Fuji is a great training gi, switched from HCK when they raised their prices. Not an HCK, but pretty darn close for an everyday training gi.

I just bought a brand new Reevo single weave on ebay for $53.50 and free shipping. Never had one before. If it is good it will be the best deal I've seen.

Keep us posted. I need a good, lightweight but durable gi. I thought it was gonna be Vulkan, but...

I tried on the Vulkan Ultra Light and the Kieko Limited at the Pan Am on Saturday, no way are they worth the money. They are light, but they feel extremely cheap, I can't personally justify spending that much money on them.